Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions




These terms apply only to transactions placed at the website Londonbarshop.co.uk. They do not apply to any other website, whether or not they are owned and operated Londonbarshop.co.uk Promotions and discounts advertised on or for Londonbarshop.co.uk only apply to Londonbarshop.co.uk purchases.

99% of orders will leave here and arrive to our customers without problems or delays, but please keep in mind that this is an Internet order business. As with all Internet order businesses, we have to depend on outside entities to deliver products. Currently, we use the royal mail  myhermes Postal Service and the united kingdom to transport packages to our customers. These are two of the best in the business, but sometimes problems or delays do arise. If your package is running extremely late, please contact us to utilise our resources to figure out what the problem is. Domestic orders running late will typically show up on one end or the other within 30 days while international orders may take longer. Rest assured that we will do our part to resolve any problems that arise and you will not be expected to pay for items that were not delivered to the address you have chosen. Please make certain that all the information you enter is correct to ensure fast, efficient delivery.

If you are in a country other than the United kingdom, please be aware that your country's customs service may impose duties (fees) on merchandise you are importing, as well as, or in addition to, brokerage fees from the shipping carrier. This may come as a bill from them or they may hold your shipment until fees are paid. This website does not collect these fees, or similar types of fees, when ordering. It is the customer's responsibility to pay duties, import fees, brokerage fees, etc. Once again, if your package is running extremely late, please contact us to utilise our resources to figure out what the problem is.

Out of Stocks

With a catalogue of products this large, there are rare occurrences where our warehouse has run out of stock on an item before it is disabled on line. If you have successfully ordered a product that is out of stock, we will AUTOMATICALLY refund you the cost of that product and ship the remainder of your order when applicable.

Changing Your Order

We no longer make changes to items or quantities. If you ordered incorrectly, please contact us right away and we will be more than happy to cancel the order.

Drop Ships

If you order a product that indicates it is drop shipped from one of our vendor partners, please be aware additional time may be needed to provide tracking information.

Custom Product Color Variations

For very large orders, subtle color variations can and will occur throughout a single order.